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Village Inn restaurant holds some great memories for a lot of families, and I have to say ours is no exception to this.

My mom and dad have always been big fans of this place, especially when they could take advantage of some savings by using Village Inn coupons.

I remember those outings very clearly, even the early ones when I was a young child.  These were some of the times when we spent time together as a family, even though it was “just” eating out at a restaurant.  To a kid, this is a great time!

And there are some things that haven’t changed about Village Inn since then.

  • Big menus – when you sit down at your table or booth, you will immediately see that the menus are quite large.  This is for a couple of reasons.  First, they like to show those big pictures of the fabulous food.  They love to tempt you with those great images to make you hungry!  Second, there is just a lot of food to choose from.  The variety is great!  Fortunately, your Village Inn coupons usually will be valid for virtually anything on the menu.
  • Roomy tables – this is even more important for adults than it is for kids.  When you sit down at a Village Inn table, you aren’t all smooshed together with your elbows in each others’ plates.  The whole place is designed as a big, open dining room so there is lots of space available.  Village Inn could probably fit a few more tables in the room, but they have opted instead for giving their customers a better experience by not making the room too crowded.
  • Great desserts – where else can you go and by a whole pie and take it home with you?  The desserts here are amazing and I don’t think I have ever been disappointed with one.  And of course there is one particular item on the dessert menu that makes it even that much more fantastic to use your Village Inn coupons here.  If you are a Village Inn regular, you know I am talking about the key lime pie.  It’s the best!  Sometimes we have gone out late in the evening, long past dinner time, just for a piece of that pie!  If you haven’t tried it, it’s something you need to put on your bucket list!
  • Peppermint candy bowl – some would see this as a little thing, but to me it’s just another reminder of how much I love this place.  After every meal here, you know you can always count on something being in its place: the bowl of individually wrapped peppermint candies on the counter next to the cash register.  It’s a great way to end a nice meal.

I guess some things just never change!  And I wouldn’t want them to.

If you haven’t done something with your family recently, I recommend it – and don’t forget to pick up your Village Inn coupons first.  What could be better – great food, a nice time with the family, and you get to save money on top of all that.  Go for it!

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